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I was jonesing to see Petra. Indiana Jonesing, that is.

Me in front of the Monastery (Al-Deir) at Petra.

Prelude: the day and night before

The longest ride

On the first day of 2017, a taxi ferried me from Jordan’s capital city of Amman to Petra. You may wonder why I’d arranged for a taxi to cover the approximately 150 mile driving distance between Amman and Petra, when an inexpensive bus serves the same route. Well, the only bus between the two cities that runs in the Petra-bound direction departs from Amman daily at 6:30 a.m. I’m so not a morning person, and waking up sufficiently early to catch a bus at 6:30 in the morning was a non-starter for me — particularly given that the night prior to my departure for Petra was New Year’s Eve, and I’d been up fairly late ringing in the new 12-month period. So I’d said ixnay to the bus and decided instead to embark on the longest taxi ride of my life. It wasn’t bad, though; I was treated to some pretty scenery along the way, and my taxi had free wi-fi! What could have been an at-times monotonous ride flew by with the help of my constant Facebooking and Instagramming. 🙂 Moreover, I became excited as we began to pass a series of road signs that marked the diminishing distance to my destination.

This sign informed me that only 20 kilometres now separated me from Petra!

Before I knew it, I was checking in to my hotel in Wadi Musa, a town nearby to the Petra archaeological site. Most of the area hotels are in Wadi Musa. Continue reading

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H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, week 34: a Greek lighthouse at sunset

Hellooooooooooo! Another Friday is upon us. Yesterday was a pretty good Thursday for me; I got my passport back, with 48 blank pages inserted. Now I’ll be able to continue to travel internationally, for years to come, without running out of pages for passport stamps. And I can turn my attention to my next passport-related errand: applying for a tourist visa for my March 2014 trip to India!

But first I must turn my attention to the fact that it’s time for a new photo of the week! Today’s featured image comes from Crete, the largest of the Greek islands. Specifically, it comes from Chania (spelled “Χανιά” in Greek), a charming harbour town that features Venetian-style architecture. In Chania’s harbour stands a lighthouse. One of the oldest lighthouses in the Mediterranean, the structure was first built around 1600, and assumed its present form circa 1839. Here’s what the lighthouse looks like at sunset:

sunset lighthouse

This photo was taken during my visit to Greece in August 2004. During that trip, Greece became the fifth country on my World Karaoke Tour. It’s hard to believe there was a time when I’d sung in so few countries. 🙂

Would you like to visit a Greek island?

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