My world karaoke tour

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Below is a complete list of the 67 countries in which I have sung karaoke (indicating the locations in each country) along with the date of my first singing appearance in each country. As I sing in additional countries, they will be added to this list.

1. United States
(New Jersey, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, California, New York, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada, Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee, Alaska, Washington, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, South Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, Indiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Oregon, Alabama, North Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, Maine, Kentucky, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Utah, Oklahoma, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, Idaho, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, West Virginia, Hawai’i)
March 1991

2. United Kingdom
(London, Brighton, Bexleyheath, Belfast, Eltham)
June 1993

3. Austria
July 1993

4. Iceland
August 1993

5. Greece
August 2004

6. Netherlands
August 2004

7. Belgium
September 2004

8. France
October 2005

9. Finland
June 2006

10. Estonia
June 2006

11. Norway
February 2007

12. Denmark
February 2007

13. Sweden
February 2007

14. Japan
(Narita, Tokyo)
April 2008

15. People’s Republic of China
(Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing)
December 2009

16. Australia
January 2010

17. New Zealand
January 2010

18. Canada
(Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax)
August 2010

19. Brazil
(Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo)
September 2010

20. Chile
(Santiago, Easter Island)
September 2010

21. Morocco
February 2011

22. Spain
February 2011

23. Mexico
(Mexico City)
May 2011

24. Portugal
December 2011

25. Egypt
(Giza, Cairo)
September 2012

26. Germany
(Frankfurt am Main)
September 2012

27. Turkey
December 2012

28. Russian Federation
(Moscow, St. Petersburg)
May 2013

29. Ukraine
May 2013

30. Moldova
May 2013

31. Peru
(Lima, Machupicchu)
November 2013

32. Panama
(Panama City)
November 2013

33. India
(New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai)
March 2014

34. Sri Lanka
April 2014

35. Dominican Republic
(Santo Domingo)
May 2014

36. Thailand
December 2014

37. Singapore
January 2015

38. Republic of Korea
January 2015

39. Italy
(Rome, Villa Verucchio)
November 2015

40. The Bahamas
February 2016

41. Taiwan
May 2016

42. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
June 2016

43. Hungary
November 2016

44. Israel
December 2016

45. Qatar
January 2017

46. United Arab Emirates
January 2017

47. Nepal
May 2017

48. Bhutan
May 2017

49. Mongolia
June 2017

50. Malta
(St. Julian’s)
July 2017

51. Czechia
September 2017

52. Argentina
(Buenos Aires)
January 2018

53. Uruguay
January 2018

54. Colombia
January 2018

55. Ireland
February 2018

56. Andorra
May 2018

57. Monaco
May 2018

58. Switzerland
(Geneva, Zurich)
May 2018

59. Poland
November 2018

60. Marshall Islands
January 2019

61. Jamaica
February 2019

62. Ethiopia
(Addis Ababa)
May 2019

63. Madagascar
May 2019

64. Romania
May 2019

65. Cuba
January 2020

66. Costa Rica
(San Jose)
March 2020

67. Ecuador
September 2022

I’ve also visited the following countries where I have not yet sung:
Vatican City State; South Africa; Cambodia; the Palestinian Territories; Jordan; Paraguay; San Marino; Liechtenstein; and Federated States of Micronesia.


12 thoughts on “My world karaoke tour

  1. Duncan

    Hey Harvey, hope to see you back in London real soon! Good luck with the blog!


    • Thanks Duncan! There’s always some tension in choosing where to go to next, between returning to places that I love (such as London) and trying to see as many new locales as I can. It may take a year or two, but I will definitely be back to the U.K. as soon as I can!


  2. I now have a new goal: to sing karaoke in a different country. I sang “The Man that Got Away” over the PA system on a tour bus when in Italy, but that might not count.


    • Go for it, Yinzerella! In almost any foreign land that you travel to, karaoke is pretty easy to find these days.


      • Except, probably, for Vatican City. Somehow, I don’t think there’s going to be an active bar/club scene there. 🙂


  3. Maaannnn, you gotta come to Berlin and do the Mauerpark Karaoke! IÄm sure people have mentioned it to you, I haven’t looked through all comments 🙂 check it out here: – I’ve sung there five times by now and I love it… awesome bringing Travel and karaoke together, keep it up!


  4. FridayMacArthur

    Love it! I was on work traveling in France when I had a chance to sing Karaoke, I blew ’em away. It also broke the ice considerably. I’ve had a band in the States for a while, and all those old songs were my musical bread and butter growing up so showing off on the mike felt good and the people really appreciated it. After the whole experience I started thinking I’d like to travel Europe singing karaoke at different places and meeting music lovers…now I see you’ve taken this to a whole new level. I am soooooo impressed. Kudos to you. I’ll have to keep checking in as I start planning my own karaoke adventure “World-Wide”.


    • @Friday: Thank you, and I definitely wish you the best of luck with your own world karaoke tour! It would be great to hear back from you about your own experiences.


  5. natalietanner

    What a great idea! Love it! Enjoy!


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