Sunday photos

Each week, for the “H-Bomb’s Sunday Photo” feature (formerly “H-Bomb’s Friday Photo”), I highlight a photograph from a different corner of the world. Here are the weekly pictures that have appeared so far:

Week 1: a Moroccan mosque

Week 2: a scenic Japanese view at dusk

Week 3: a very strange house in Mexico

Week 4: skulls and bones in the Czech Republic

Week 5: horsin’ around on Easter Island

Week 6: man over New Zealand

Week 7: a tablecloth in Cape Town

Week 8: decomposing neon in Las Vegas

Week 9: a postmodern pyramid in Paris

Week 10: Niemeyer’s UFO in Brazil

Week 11: stairway to a giant Buddha in Hong Kong

Week 12: an endless gateway in Kyoto

Week 13: Australia’s Three Sisters

Week 14: a lesser-known Sphinx in Egypt

Week 15: a creepy abandoned house in Maryland

Week 16: Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar

Week 17: mischievous monkeys in Gibraltar

Week 18: Montreal’s Notre-Dame

Week 19: Nashville’s Union Station

Week 20: an impossibly colourful building in Helsinki

Week 21: reflections of Macau

Week 22: an erupting geyser in New Zealand

Week 23: the Roman Pool at Hearst Castle

Week 24: the statue of the Immaculate Conception in Santiago

Week 25: a ceremonial gate in Madrid

Week 26: Nashville after dark

Week 27: giant fishes in Tokyo

Week 28: an abandoned amuseument park near Chernobyl

Week 29: a gigantic glacier in Alaska

Week 30: a transported temple in Egypt

Week 31: a house on a 29-foot pole in Los Angeles

Week 32: lamps for sale in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Week 33: a riotous marketplace in Marrakesh

Week 34: a Greek lighthouse at sunset

Week 35: a gilded temple in Kyoto

Week 36: an exquisite church in St. Petersburg

Week 37: the Monument of the Discoveries in Lisbon

Week 38: the view from Table Mountain in Cape Town

Week 39: the view of the Pacific Ocean from Lima

Week 40: a llama at Machu Picchu

Week 41: a Mediterranean villa in Miami

Week 42: a Russian palace to rival Versailles

Week 43: magnificent columns in an Egyptian temple

Week 44: the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Hong Kong

Week 45: the monkey temple in India

Week 46: a space shuttle in Los Angeles

Week 47: a temple carved into a cave in India

Week 48: French colonial architecture in Panama City

Week 49: an elegant arch on the Mississippi

Week 50: a waterfront plaza in Venice

Week 51: a river view in Prague

Week 52: a mural of Mandela in Belfast

Week 53: the colourful skyline of Hong Kong

Week 54: a Dutch windmill

Week 55: the house that Thomas Jefferson built

Week 56: a capsule hotel in Tokyo

Week 57: trees bursting through temples in Cambodia

Week 58: the White Temple in Thailand

Week 59: people taking selfies at Angkor Wat

Week 60: Agatha Christie slept in this Egyptian hotel

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