Upcoming travel

The time until the next stop on my World Karaoke Tour:


6 thoughts on “Upcoming travel

  1. Loved Lisboa! Be sure you visit Sintra ~ it will rock your world.

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    • @Audrey: I’ve heard great things about Sintra and I know there are some beautiful buildings there. I will try to fit it in. Keep in mind that this trip will only be a long weekend for me, and I do want to see some stuff in Lisbon. So we’ll see.


      • Melody Pittman

        I loved SIntra better than anywhere else I visited in Portugal. Beautiful scenery and people. (and the homemade cheeses weren’t so bad either)


  2. Check out Weekend Leisure karaoke if you’re ever in Vancouver, Canada!


  3. Melody Pittman

    come to dullsville vero beach, florida, and i will bring lots of friends. you can sign with one of the local bands at 3-4 different restaurants, it’s a very popular event.


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