Karaoke videos

Here’s a selection of my favourite karaoke videos from my World Karaoke Tour. For each video, clicking on the name of the city above it will take you to the blog post in which the video originally appeared, so you can read all about my singing experience in that city! For a full list of every country in the world in which I’ve performed karaoke, go here.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Panama City, Panama



Frankfurt am Main, Germany



Birmingham, Alabama, USA



Kiev, Ukraine



Seattle, Washington, USA



New Delhi, India (audio only)



Chişinău, Moldova



Istanbul, Turkey



Taipei, Taiwan (in a karaoke taxi)



Rome, Italy



Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea



Rapid City, South Dakota, USA



Moscow, Russian Federation



Madison, Wisconsin, USA



Cairo, Egypt



Seoul, Republic of Korea



Charleston, South Carolina, USA



Nassau, Bahamas



Beijing, People’s Republic of China



Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



Machupicchu, Peru



Washington, DC, USA (in a karaoke taxi)




2 thoughts on “Karaoke videos

  1. Debra


    Can Spandau Ballet keep up with the H-Bomb. SB is launching a tour in 2015.

    Liked by 1 person

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