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H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, Week 16: Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar

TGIF! I hope you had a good week. And now it’s time for me to share another featured image with you! Today’s photo comes from my recent visit to Istanbul, during which Turkey became the 27th country on my World Karaoke Tour. The photo takes you inside the Spice Bazaar, also known as the Egyptian Market.

spice spice baby

The Spice Bazaar is a gigantic indoor emporium in which you’ll find dozens of shops offering a dizzying array of spices. You’ll also find other products such as fruit and flower teas; Turkish Delight (a popular dessert confection); and even Turkish Viagra. This marketplace can be found in the EminönĂ¼ neighborhood, just south of the waterway known as the Golden Horn.

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