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H-Bomb’s Friday photo, week 29: a gigantic glacier in Alaska

Hello again and happy Friday! Later today I’m flying to Los Angeles, where I’ll be spending the long weekend (Monday is Labor Day in the United States.) But before I head out to JFK International Airport to catch that transcontinental flight, it’s time to share with you a new photo of the week. Today’s featured image comes from the beautiful state of Alaska. While there, I went for a walk on the Matanuska glacier, which is approximately 100 miles northeast of Anchorage. Here’s an example of the type of views that I enjoyed during that three-hour trek:

Matanuska glacier

The largest glacier in the United States that can be reached by automobile, the Matanuska is roughly 27 miles long, and about 4 miles wide.

This photo was taken during my visit to Alaska in July 2013.

Would you like to go hiking on a glacier?

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