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Singing my way through the U.S.A.: getting better acquainted with my country in 2016

14124516_10153968017432198_5873781346852298892_oAs reflected on this website, my karaoke travels — and my wanderings generally — have traditionally focused on international destinations. After all, this blog celebrates my World Karaoke Tour. However, in mid-2016, I began to place a greater priority on getting to know — and singing in — more of the vast, diverse United States in which I live. This new emphasis was foreshadowed on the penultimate night of 2015, when I made my South Carolina singing debut in the lovely city of Charleston. Then, shortly after the calendar flipped to a new year, I made a fulfilling jaunt to Baltimore, a city where I once lived and to which I often return. About halfway through the year, as the summer was heating up, I embarked on a campaign to expand the number of states in which I’ve stepped foot, while sometimes making repeat journeys to old favourites. I began flying (and occasionally railroading) all over the continental U.S. on weekends — in some cases, taking advantage of longer holiday weekends. Here are highlights of my American travels of 2016, and my “road” singing appearances in the U.S. during the year that was. Note: This post contains numerous karaoke videos. I get it; you have a busy life. So if you can watch just one of the videos, I suggest that you make it the one from Alabama. But you should watch more than just one. 🙂

Baltimore, Maryland (January 2016)

In mid-January, I strode down to Baltimore to catch up with some friends from my university days. (I studied at Johns Hopkins University in that city.) Baltimore, which is nicknamed “Charm City,” boasts a handsome skyline when viewed from across the harbour:

The downtown Baltimore skyline on a cold day in January.

The downtown Baltimore skyline on a cold day in January.

Naturally, my Baltimorean excursion featured some karaoke. (If it hadn’t, I wouldn’t have included that particular trip in this post. 🙂 ) Continue reading

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H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, Week 15: a creepy abandoned house in Maryland

Another happy Friday to you! Later this weekend I’ll be headed to the great state of Maryland, to visit friends in the Baltimore area. I’ll be taking advantage of a promotion from Megabus that’s enabling me to get from New York City to White Marsh, Maryland for zero dollars round-trip (plus a fifty-cent service charge). In honour of that trip, this week’s featured photo comes from one of my many previous visits to Maryland (I did my undergraduate university studies at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time in that state). The image is of an abandoned house in the town of Sudlersville, on Maryland’s Eastern shore:

Chia house

As you can see, this erstwhile residence is heavily overgrown with ivy, and generally has that “life after people” look about it.

This photo was taken in September 2005. So the house is probably even more decrepit now!

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