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H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, week 17: mischievous monkeys in Gibraltar

Hello and happy Friday. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, during which we’ll find out just how much more of winter is in store for us this year. And perhaps by the time nature is in full bloom, I’ll be regularly posting articles again, rather than just weekly photos. 🙂

This week’s featured image comes from the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula. When most people think of Gibraltar, they probably think of its most salient geographic feature: the Rock of Gibraltar, the 1,398-foot-high limestone promontory that stands guard over the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. The Rock of Gibraltar, in turn, is famous for its resident population of macaque monkeys, also known as Barbary apes. Shown here, a pair of those macaques has wandered onto a cannon outside the Great Siege Tunnels on the Rock of Gibraltar.

Cliffside monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar

This photo was taken during my visit to Gibraltar in February 2011. (That was the same trip during which my World Karaoke Tour reached its sixth continent via an appearance in Casablanca, Morocco!) Photoshopping assistance was provided by my friend Erica Doubet-Tootikian; that assistance was limited to adjustment of the levels to tweak the colours and contrast.

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