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Country no. 31 on my World Karaoke Tour: doing it my way in Peru

During some recent overseas appearances on my World Karaoke Tour, I’ve tried to perform songs that relate, in some way, to the country in which I find myself. For example, who can forget that time I sang “Walk Like an Egyptian” in Cairo? Or my decision to include “Back in the U.S.S.R.” on my setlist in Moscow? Conversely, although more than 20 years have passed since I sang in Vienna, I still regret passing up the chance to sing “Edelweiss” in that Austrian capital. Giving a shout-out to my host country is a unique opportunity that I like to take advantage of when I’m “on tour.”

When I visited Peru in November 2013, I took a slightly different approach. Continue reading

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H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, week 40: a llama at Machu Picchu

Happy Black Friday! I just checked in to my hotel in Panama City. Tonight I aim to find a place to sing karaoke in this town, and tomorrow I will tour the Panama Canal. But before I get to those things, I would like to share with you an image from earlier in this trip, when I was in Peru. One of the highlights of my Peruvian journey was my visit to Machu Picchu, a 15th-century Incan city that was carved into hilly terrain in the jungle. After the Spaniards conquered the Incas, the city was abandoned, and became lost to the world until it was discovered by the American explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911.

When you go to Machu Picchu, it’s common to see llamas; along with their close relative the alpaca, llamas are iconic animals in Peru. Here’s a llama that definitely wanted me to document her while I was photographing the ruins below her:


This photo was taken just a few days ago. Have a great weekend everyone!

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H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, week 39: the view of the Pacific Ocean from Lima

Feliz Viernes! I’m now in Lima, Peru, having arrived here late last night. Things were a little cray cray the last few weeks before my trip; work was extremely busy. But now I’m traveling and having fun! This week’s featured image comes from right here in Lima. It’s a view of the Pacific Ocean, seen from Lima’s Miraflores district:

Pacific pride

Miraflores is a pleasant area filled with beaches and public parks; it’s a nice section to walk around in.

This photo was taken today! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get ready to make my Peruvian karaoke debut this evening! Peru is about to become the 31st country on my World Karaoke Tour!

Would you like to visit Peru?

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H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, week 24: the statue of the Immaculate Conception in Santiago

Here in the United States, today is National Grilled Cheese Day! Whether or not the U.S. is your home country, consider celebrating by partaking of one of those classic sandwiches! And wherever you are, a happy Friday to you.

By the bye, in case you missed it, I was interviewed this week by one of my favourite travel blogs, The Lazy Travelers. If you haven’t already read that interview, please check it out!

Our featured image today comes from the Chilean capital of Santiago. The Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro is justly celebrated; but no one ever talks about the Virgin Mary statue in Santiago.


Of course, this sculpture, also known as the statue of the Immaculate Conception (Virgen de la Immaculada), is quite a bit smaller than its counterpart in Rio; it measures 14 meters in height, and stands on an 8.3-meter pedestal. But this is still a pretty cool landmark in its own right.

Built in France, the statue is believed to be a reproduction of a Roman sculpture originally designed by Luigi Poletti. It was installed in the 1920s atop Cerro San Cristóbal, a hill that rises about 880 meters above sea level and 300 meters above the rest of Santiago.

This photo was taken during my visit to South America and Easter Island in September 2010. During my stay in Santiago, Chile became the 20th country on my World Karaoke Tour!

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H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, week 10: Niemeyer’s UFO in Brazil

Happy Friday! It’s time for the first Friday Photo of this blog’s second year. Yep, in case you missed it, I celebrated my first blogoversary a few days ago!

This week saw the passing of the great Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, at age 104. One of my favourite Niemeyer buildings (and one of the few that I’ve been fortunate enough to see in person thus far) is the Contemporary Art Museum (Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, or MAC) in Niteroi, Brazil.

The Contemporary Art Museum in Niteroi, and Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Completed in 1996, the MAC is known for its UFO-like appearance. Niteroi is a charming city just across Guanabara Bay from Rio de Janeiro; the view from the ferry that I took across the bay was spectacular.

In this photo, the MAC is on the right; at left is the distinctively-shaped Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar) in Rio de Janeiro. If you look closely you can see the cable cars that take visitors to the top of the mountain.

This photo was taken during my visit to Brazil in September 2010. That was the same trip during which South America became the fifth continent on my World Karaoke Tour when I sang in Rio. 🙂

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8 things I’m looking forward to in the next 12 months

One year ago today, I launched this blog by sending my first post into cyberspace. Having never operated a website before, I really had no idea of what I was getting into. But it’s been an incredible year. Portugal, Egypt, and Germany became countries no. 24, 25, and 26 on my World Karaoke Tour; I enjoyed writing about my international karaoke experiences and other travel adventures; and I discovered an amazing and inspiring community of travel bloggers. Along the way, I’ve connected with some very cool people. Learning from them has already helped to make my travels more fulfilling.

There was a rough patch during the early part of 2012 when I got sick and suspended my blogging for over three months. Let us never speak of that dark period again, except to say that getting through it provided me with a renewed sense of purpose, and even a sense of urgency. The realisation that I can’t take my health for granted now motivates me to enjoy life to the best of my ability, and to prioritise seeing as much as I can of the beauty and wonder in this world — while getting to know the people who live in it.

As I commemorate the first anniversary of this website (an occasion that’s also known in the vernacular as my “blogoversary”), I’m eager to embark on the next 12 months! I’ve got some exciting plans lined up for the second year of H-Bomb’s Worldwide Karaoke. I’m especially anticipating the following events:

1. Santacon in New York City

One of the annual highlights of the holiday season for me is Santacon: a celebration held on the same day in various cities around the world, during which large numbers of people dressed as Santas and other seasonally appropriate characters cavort around town, make merriment, and (of course) consume generous quantities of alcoholic beverages. New York City’s Santacon is usually the biggest, featuring thousands of participants; and it’s just generally a really fun time. Here you can read my blog post about last year’s edition of Santacon. Santacon 2012 will be held on December 15 in at least 37 countries! It’ll be my fifth consecutive year of hanging with the Santas. (In case you’re wondering, I do not, myself, don a Santa outfit, beyond wearing the red hat with white trim. But hey, someone has to document the proceedings on the internet. So I still make a vital contribution. :))

2. Istanbul for New Year’s

I typically spend my New Year’s Eves overseas, and the dawn of 2013 will be no exception. On December 27 I’m heading to Istanbul, the only city in the world that straddles two continents; that’s where I’ll be as the world rings in yet another year! Continue reading

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