Have mic, will travel

Hi, I’m Harvey. I live and work in Manhattan, where my day job involves the practice of law.  But when I’m not in the office, I’m most passionate about two things: travel, and singing karaoke (I sing under the stage name “H-Bomb”).  The concept behind my World Karaoke Tour is the intersection of these two interests; I especially enjoy finding karaoke bars all over the planet in which I can take to the stage. As of October 2022, I’ve sung karaoke in a record 67 countries; and during a cruise on which I’ll embark in late December, Antarctica will become the 7th continent on which I’ve karaoked!

I’ve also karaoked in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, DC; 5 Canadian provinces; Easter Island; and in the Pacific Ocean aboard a cruise ship.

That karaoke wanderlust is the inspiration for this, the internet’s only karaoke travel blog. My World Karaoke Tour, and my continuing search for new singing experiences around the world, are at the heart of what this website is about. Sometimes, though, I’ll talk about the travel adventures that I experience during the daytime hours, because I genuinely enjoy seeing and learning about new places. Interests of mine in addition to karaoke include history, architecture, and literature; and on this blog you’ll frequently find me discussing the history of a place I’ve visited, or describing some of its notable buildings, or relating what a great writer observed about it. Thus, my writings here tend to reflect my enjoyment of viewing a city in the context of its culture and tradition.

You can see a photo of me on the upper right. I like this photo because monkeys are awesome! The picture was taken on the rock of Gibraltar, and my new friend here is a macaque, also known as a “barbary ape.” Macaques are common on Gibraltar.

If you’re curious to see videos of me singing, go to this blog’s “Karaoke videos” page, which has embedded videos of my favourite karaoke performances in cities all over the world! Just click here:
Watch the best of my karaoke videos.

And here are a few of my favourite posts that focus on my travels themselves rather than my singing:

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. I just posted on what I believe to be the greatest karaoke song ever. Let me know if, in some kind of cruel twist of fate, you find yourself in Ann Arbor. I”ll spring for Blue Karaoke! (check out the post and you’ll see what that is) http://foodandwinehedonist.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/guilty-pleasures-endless-love/


    • But is it with or without the ballet dancer’s nip slip?


    • @thefoodandwinehedonist: In the unlikely event that I ever end up in Ann Arbor (who knows, maybe someday I’ll be sent to do recruiting for my law firm at U. of Mich.), I’ll take you up on that . . .

      And I enjoyed your post . . .

      BTW, I’m not dissing your fine burg, but merely stating as an objective factual matter that, sadly enough, I probably won’t have occasion to travel there in the foreseeable future.


  2. Keep exploring your passion, my friend! Who knows where it will lead?


  3. lovethewayyoulied

    Congratulations Harvey – I just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Go here to get details:

    Best Wishes & Happy Holidays


  4. Fabulous. I hope you share your voice with every country on the planet. Cheers!


  5. Hello Harvey!
    I found your blog searching for ‘rickshaw’ and ‘karaoke’… which is exactly what we do! You are probably not in Brussels, Belgium now, but this weekend we’ll have events. The rickshaw-karaoke is exactly what it says: you sing songs while carried around in a bike. You can have a look here : http://www.frickshaw.org/karaoke.
    If you happen to come to Brussels one day, just keep in touch and we’ll organize a special event for you 😉


    • @Peter: Hi, and thanks for your comment! No, I’m not currently in Brussels. 🙂 I sang karaoke there in 2004. If I do get back, I’ll be sure to let you know; singing in a rickshaw sounds like great fun!


  6. Such an interesting and unique idea Harvey! I saw a rendition of Alicia Kings ‘New York’ sung in New York during karoke and it was amazing, then I ruined it by going next and singing ‘Wasn’t me’ by Shaggy..


  7. Hi Harvey,
    Though you visited Czech Republic but did not sing, we at K Star Karaoke-Prague will keep our microphone on….for you Harvey..All the best…



    • @Ernesto: Thanks! I would love to make it back to Prague — and to finally cross the Czech Republic off my list for my World Karaoke Tour!


  8. Ohio Giwa-Amu

    Hey Harvey, will be nice to have you in Lagos Nigeria next year. We have a nice little karaoke community out here and we sure will love to host you.


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