H-Bomb’s Sunday photo, week 48: French colonial architecture in Panama City

Hello everyone! Less than three weeks from today, I will be auditioning for the television quiz show “Jeopardy!” That audition will take place in central Pennsylvania. However, today’s featured image comes from a place that’s much more distant from my home base of New York; it takes us to Panama City, Panama.

In that capital city’s historic district known as the casco viejo (old city), you’ll find some French colonial architecture. Yes, I said French, not Spanish. 🙂 It’s a legacy of the era in the 19th century when France had undertaken to build what eventually became the Panama Canal. (The French ultimately pulled out of the project, and construction of the canal was taken over by the United States under the energetic leadership of President Theodore Roosevelt.)


With details such as wrought-iron balconies, these buildings are more than a little reminiscent of New Orleans’s French Quarter. This photo was taken during my visit to Peru and Panama in November and December, 2013. By the way, Panama City was also the location where I had my all-time greatest karaoke experience!

Do you like European colonial architecture?

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8 thoughts on “H-Bomb’s Sunday photo, week 48: French colonial architecture in Panama City

  1. workmomtravels

    I sure do love European colonial architecture! Good luck with the Jeopardy! audition!


    • @Francesca: Thank you for the kind wishes! And there’s a lot of great European colonial architecture in this part of the world. 🙂


  2. Great photo – I had forgotten that the Panama Canal project had been started by the French! Best of luck with your Jeopardy audition!


    • @Lisa: Thank you! And yeah, the canal was originally planned by the same Frenchman who developed the Suez Canal (de Lesseps). But you don’t hear much about the French role in the project, unless you go somewhere like the Panama Canal Museum in the casco viejo section of Panama City (just a few blocks from where this photo was taken). 🙂


  3. Good luck to your audition. Cool photo looks so laid back


  4. K.T.

    Just wanted to say I love the idea of your site! Karaoke is a family favorite of ours! Love it!


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