H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, Week 13: Australia’s Three Sisters

Hey there. Last week I missed a Friday in this weekly photo series, on account of I was on the road in Istanbul. But now I’m back, and it’s time to once again relive a moment from my past travels!

Today’s featured image comes from the Blue Mountains in the Australian state of New South Wales. (The Blue Mountains start about 50 kilometres west of Sydney.) The photo is of a rock formation known as the Three Sisters:

The Three Sisters

Each member of the Three Sisters tops out at over 900 metres above the Jamison Valley below.

This photo was taken during my visit to Australia in January 2010.

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3 thoughts on “H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, Week 13: Australia’s Three Sisters

  1. Shane Baylis

    Nice, I was there in 2011. The town where the three sisters is located is called Katoomba. The blue haze in your photo is from the eucalyptus oil, given off by the eucalyptus trees is the valley. The hotter it gets the bluer the haze as more oil evaporates from the leaves.

    SB (Aus)


  2. This is gorgeous! I’ve never been to Australia, but when I do make it, will definitely be sure to stop by the Three Sisters!


  3. @Shane: I do remember my tour guide mentioning about the haze from the eucalyptus trees. 🙂 @Jess: Thanks! The Blue Mountains were awesome. There was also a nice waterfall. And I always like getting out of a city and seeing some of the surrounding area.


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