H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, Week 11: stairway to a giant Buddha in Hong Kong

Just one week to go until the Mayan apocalypse. So this might be the second-to-last H-Bomb’s Friday Photo ever!

The subject of today’s featured image comes from Hong Kong. Here we can see the staircase to the 85-foot Tian Tan Buddha on the Ngong Ping plateau on Lantau island. The road to enlightenment starts with a single step!

journey begins with a single step

This gigantic bronze Buddha was completed in 1993.

To get to Ngong Ping I took a scary 3.5-mile cable car ride over water. Afterwards, to return to the station from which I would catch my train back to the city, I took the bus even though that was a much slower mode of transportation than the cable car. Plus, a man sitting in front of me on the bus vomited, so I had to deal with that stench for much of the ride . . .

This photo was taken during my visit to Hong Kong that took place from December 2009 to January 2010. (Yes, that’s where I was on New Year’s Eve to usher in 2010!)

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