H-Bomb’s Friday photo, week 8: decomposing neon in Las Vegas

Okay, so I’m a little late with last week’s Friday photo. 🙂 But thanks to the magic of backdating, this post will still appear in my archives as a Friday entry!

The Boneyard is a junkyard of discarded neon signs in downtown Las Vegas. The signs date as far back as the 1930s. Public tours of the Boneyard are offered by the Neon Museum, which opened a brand-new Visitors’ Center last month.

My favourite section of the Boneyard is what I call Fast Food Gulch: a grouping of signs from some of Sin City’s more healthy dining alternatives.

fast food gulch

This photo was taken during my visit to Las Vegas in March 2009. It came at a price: after I wandered away from the tour to photograph these fast food signs (which were tucked away in the back of the lot), I accidentally got locked in to the Boneyard. Luckily the Neon Museum folks hadn’t wandered too far from the gate by the time I noticed that they were gone, and they quickly unlocked the gate and let me out. 🙂

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