H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, week 3: a very strange house in Mexico

Today’s featured photo is of a bizarre-looking home in Naucalpan, a suburb of Mexico City. The residence is called the “Nautilus house” due to its resemblance to a nautilus shell:

I saw this house, which was designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, during my visit to the greater Mexico City area in May 2011. I actually toured the Nautilus house as a special guest of the owners (who can be seen entering the house in the photo above). To read more about that trip of mine to Mexico City — including the night when a taxi driver robbed me and left me in the middle of nowhere — go here.

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3 thoughts on “H-Bomb’s Friday Photo, week 3: a very strange house in Mexico

  1. WCBFF

    You are so lucky you were able to view this house as a personal guest of the family. The inside is just as (if not more) amazing than the outside!


  2. @WCBFF: Yes, I am very grateful that I had that opportunity. Credit goes not only to the family, who showed me great hospitality; but also to the architecture firm that designed the house. I had reached out to that firm solely in the hopes of getting an address so I could swing by the place on my own and snap a few photos of the exterior; and the firm contacted the owners, which resulted in the invitation being extended to me.


  3. Melody Pittman

    I’d love to see inside of it. How colorful!


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