Santa and me

Here I am yesterday at Santacon 2012. The guy standing next to me looked the most authentic of any of the thousands of Santas in attendance, even though he wasn’t actually wearing a traditional Santa suit.

2 thoughts on “Santa and me

  1. Theo macConnell Jr.

    I am that Santa in the red vest and tam. Thank you so for the kind endorsement. I love SantaCon but the image of Santa himself is stretched and sullied too often during this event. As a professional Santa, I appear in as many places about the city as I can and reason with basically good people who’ve let themselves act more childish than the little ones still in need of magic and belief. For many of these revelers I am ‘The Real Santa’ who’s happy to pose with them and whisper “Be good, that’s MY image you’re messing with.” They laugh but there’s always a little bit of doubt in their eyes as they look at me anew and wonder…’Santa?’


    • @Mr. MacConnell: Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you found this blog post, and it was an honour to have met you. Please keep fighting to hold Santa’s image to the highest standards!


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